Sunday, August 29, 2010

Food: BBQ and its gut punching deliciousness

Okay let me say this not once but twice.  BBQ has to be one of the manliest food groups on the planet ever.  BBQ has to be one of the manliest food groups on the planet ever.  It's more manly than waking up in the morning, fighting off an entire fleshy mass of frat boys, 6 Koala bears, and wrestling an alligator to the ground, because he took your Funyuns, only to jump on your dirtbike (which is on fire by the way) and doing a superman 360 into your kitchen for one delicious bowl of Fruity Pebbles. Yes, BBQ is that manly.  You and I both know the jambalaya of crazy, tangy, and sweet flavors crank up your taste buds 16 million notches on the OHSWEETBABYJESUS scale.  Eating a full plate of BBQ makes you manlier than shaving with a chainsaw.  And that's pretty manly.

So, take it from the man blog. BBQ? Manliest way in the world to punch your hunger cravings right in their fucking face.

14 out of 10 on the delicious scale.

The New Ferrari California: Front-Mid Mounted Engine?

So, Ferrari decided to go out and make the Ferrari California, which I must say is drop dead sexy.  There's only one problem here.  When you think Ferrari, most people think "REAR ENGINE GOES VROOM VROOM." Well not this one.  A front mounted V-8 is the powerplant in this gorgeous devil.  Honestly, it kind of bothers me that they'd deviate from their unique market in order to please a small amount of consumers.  Thoughts? Opinions?

Did anyone else love this show as much as I did?  I remember staying up until around 2 AM every day just to watch this mashup of the greatest things from my childhood.  I mean look at this shit.  It's a blue hedgehog, wearing gloves running around at the speed of sound.  What the hell else could you want as a child?  Does anyone else remember the episode where like one of the robots blows into his hand, and by some act of God it turns into a pumpkin?


Totally got my account authorized.
Hopefully things will smooth out now.
Crazy hazy day ahead of me.
Hope to start updating soon readers.

Friday, August 27, 2010


I like trees. Like. Alot.
So much in fact that I've given up smoking pot.
It seems to me that tomorrow is far away,
But you my good fellow, have actually made my day.